TM Cancellation – Violation of public order based on high levels of consumer recognition in China

In an opposition claimed by Advanced Optronic Devices (ASIA) Co., Ltd, a Hong Kong corporation, JPO decided to cancel TM registration no. 5740919 designating LED lightning apparatus in class 11 (Opposed mark), registered on February 13, 2015, owned by a Chinese corporation resided in Qingdao City, Shandong Province due to violation of public order and standards of decency based on facts that Opposed mark is almost identical with Cited mark well-known for a source indicator of AOD group, inter alia, among relevant Chinese traders and consumers  of LED products, and it is likely that neighboring opposed owner has noticed Cited mark in advance.[Opposition Case no. 2015-900154, May 26, 2017]

Trademark Law prohibits to register a mark filed by unauthorized entity if Japanese consumers are acquainted with the mark becoming famous in foreign countries.  This case is noteworthy chiefly for cancelling a mark famous among Chinese consumers.

MASAKI MIKAMI, Attorney at IP Law – Founder of MARKS IP LAW FIRM