The IP High Court ruled registered mark “KIRIN” is used independently regardless of promotional campaign named as “KIRIN Plus-i”

On November 7, 2016, the IP High Court ruled to dismiss plaintiff’s appeal in favor of an owner of famous beverage brand “KIRIN”, Kirin Company Limited, and concluded that the company has used registered mark “KIRIN” in dispute via a group company of KIRIN Holdings [Heisei28 (Gyo-Ke) 10093].

Doctrine of file wrapper estoppel 

In a non-use cancellation lawsuit, plaintiff alleged Kirin Co. violated doctrine of file wrapper estoppel by citing the facts that Kirin Co. has advertised health-conscious food products and beverages under the name of “KIRIN Plus-i”. In the meantime, Kirin Co. asserted registered mark “KIRIN” is used independently in configuration of the “KIRIN Plus-i” logo during a cancellation trial.


The IP High Court denied plaintiff’s allegation on the grounds that the mark “KIRIN” has been used and become famous in itself as a source indicator of Kirin Group so long.

Thus, promotional campaign named “KIRIN Plus-i” for health-conscious food products and beverages shall not be deemed inconsistent with any assertion made by Kirin Co. at cancellation trial.

Combination mark

Plaintiff also alleged Kirin Co. uses a word mark “KIRIN” combining with the “Plus-i” logo on goods in dispute since “KIRIN Plus-i” is just used on specific food products and beverages for health-conscious consumers.

The IP High Court denied the allegation as well.

By taking into consideration of remarkable prestige of the mark “KIRIN” and visual distinction between “KIRIN” and “Plus-i” in appearance, it is reasonable to consider the portion of “KIRIN” in itself functions as a source indicator independently.