YouTube social icon serves to function as a source indicator of hosting service via internet due to inherent distinctiveness.

On September 23, the Appeal Board admitted to register YouTube social icon on the grounds that the icon is deemed a uniquely coined device in its entirety even if respective element lacks inherent distinctiveness and right pointing triangle represents a play button for videos and music in general [Fufuku2016-6415].


The JPO examiner took a view that the mark is not allowed for registration based on Article 3 (1)(vi) since the icon consisting of right pointing triangle, white rounded rectangle and red round square is merely perceived as a play button for videos and music when used on services provided via internet, not a source indicator.


Article 3 Any trademark to be used in connection with goods or services pertaining to the business of an applicant may be registered, unless the trademark:

 (i) consists solely of a mark indicating, in a common manner, the common name of the goods or services;

 (ii) is customarily used in connection with the goods or services;

 (iii) consists solely of a mark indicating, in a common manner, in the case of goods, the place of origin, place of sale, quality, raw materials, efficacy, intended purpose, quantity, shape (including shape of packages), price, the method or time of production or use, or, in the case of services, the location of provision, quality, articles to be used in such provision, efficacy, intended purpose, quantity, modes, price or method or time of provision;

 (iv) consists solely of a mark indicating, in a common manner, a common surname or name of a juridical person;

 (v) consists solely of a very simple and common mark; or

 (vi) is in addition to those listed in each of the preceding items, a trademark by which consumers are not able to recognize the goods or services as those pertaining to a business of a particular person.


Article 3(1)(vi) is a comprehensive provision aiming to bar registration of any descriptive mark to which Article 3(1)(i) to (v) is not applicable.

Any mark to be refused under Article 3(1) can be exceptionally registered on the condition that it has acquired secondary meaning by means of extensive and substantial use based on Article 3(2).

The Board did not count on Article 3(2) to admit registration of YouTube social icon in the decision as mentioned above reason.